Stop Googling Yourself: Finding Peace In A Noisy World

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With a world filled with email, social media and smart phones, one would think life would be a lot simpler, so much more peaceful. Instead, we have become accustomed to a life of multitasking and trying to complete the never ending “To Do List.” We have forgone peace for busyness and wonder why our lives are overtaken by the noises of this world.

We work the 60 hour work week trying to climb the ladder of success, only to find the ladder was leaning on the wrong wall.

We buy the bigger homes in hopes it will make us more comfortable then find ourselves uncomfortable with the monthly mortgage payments.

We enroll our children in every activity imaginable and wonder why we don’t have time.

Our lives are jam-packed with so much noise it’s not a surprise that many can’t hear the still small voice of God. 

In Stop Googling Yourself, Finding Peace in a Noisy World, Orlando Javien Jr. shares the noises in his own life in hopes that it will help others turn down the volume and live a life beyond ordinary.